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Sea Change Radio discusses species extinction with John Platt


Sea change radio discusses the impact of species extinction with John Platt.

“When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals. This was the first significant impact that Homo sapiens had on the planet’s ecosystem. It was not the last,” wrote Yuval Harari, a historian and philosopher.

During this week, Sea Change Radio, will discuss extinction with John Platt, a longtime journalist and founder of the environmental news site - The Revelator.

The exchange will look at efforts around the planet to save endangered plants and animals, as well as explore the plight of smaller, often overlooked creatures, and examine the effects of war on fragile ecosystems.
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Sea Change Radio is a new radio show and podcast that aims to connect social, environmental, and economic transformations revolving around sustainability.

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