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Scott Is Set To Launch Its First Thermal Camera


With the help of Scott’s new camera, firemen can manoeuvre better through fire.

Dailycsr.com – 31st December 2015 – In the month of January 2016 Dubai, at “Intersec 2016” will witness the launch of world first and only camera capable of tracking “hot and cold spot”. The said technology will make its debut in the “Middle Eastern fire market”.
The camera has been developed by Scott under Scott SafetyUsing, whereby the “X380N thermal imager” is equipped with “ISG Technology”. Consequently, it can come handy for fire-fighters in order to assess better the situation and be aware of it.
With the help of this thermal camera, the firemen can see through a place on fire and manoeuvre through it by creating “paths” as the camera will show them the “cooler spots”. Likewise, they can avoid “highest risk areas”, wherein the ceiling and floors bear the highest risk of collapsing under the blaze.
Moreover, the cold spot tracker allows the “first responders to locate and pinpoint thread or valve gas leaks” for gas will remain “colder in temperature than the environment surrounding it”.
HSE reports that Scott Safety’s another project that involves the development of next gen “respiratory protection” will be exhibited at the same time.