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Scientists Find Out New Ways To Identify Sustainable Sources Of Fishing


A new analysis can point out where sea fishes were caught from.

Dailycsr.com – 01 February 2017 – Brian Collett reports that a new analysis was devised for finding out the origins of fishes that are being caught. It is a step taken in attempt to ensure that the customers are hundred percent sure purchasing from “sustainable sources”.
One of Southampton University’s team found out that jellyfish contained “chemical compositions” which were “unique” to the location of North Sea, the place where they were caught. Following this discovering, the team came to learn that “same chemical signature” could be availed from herring as well as scallops that were also from the North Sea.
Given this “information” the team drew a map which showed the sea areas wherein the fish along with other sea creature who live there would contain the same chemical compositions. Therefore, Brian Collett added:
“Traders could use the analysis method to pinpoint the origin of catches, making sure they come from stretches of water with sustainable stocks and minimising fraud from suppliers”.
While, the joint head of Southampton research team, Dr Clive Trueman, stated:
“Understanding the origin of fish or fish products is increasingly important as we try to manage our marine resources more effectively.
“Fish from sustainable fisheries can fetch a premium price, but concerned consumers need to be confident that fish really were caught from sustainable sources.”
An “RNA-analysing sensor” has been followed in the above mentioned research, which had been developed by the South Florida University. The said analysis confirms the “species of caught fish or seafood and remove another fraud threat”.