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Schneider Electric's Q1 2024 Sustainability Impact: Progress, Innovation, and Results


Schneider Electric, a frontrunner in revolutionizing energy management and automation through digital means, has unveiled the first quarter outcomes of its Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) program for 2024, alongside its financial performance. This initiative plays a pivotal role in steering and evaluating the company's advancements toward its global sustainability targets for 2021–2025. These targets are aligned with six overarching commitments spanning environmental, social, and governance (ESG) realms.
Building upon the robust achievements of the previous year, this quarter has witnessed notable progress in sustainable packaging, supply chain initiatives, and inclusive practices, particularly in enhancing access to energy and fostering training in energy management. Moreover, all zone and country presidents have extended their localized impact endeavors, building on the momentum generated by over 200 initiatives launched in 2021. These grassroots endeavors aim to magnify the company's sustainable influence by empowering local communities through training, mentorship, bolstering energy resilience, environmental stewardship, and more.
Xavier Denoly, Senior Vice President of Sustainability Development at Schneider Electric, reflects on the company's commitment, stating, "At Schneider Electric, driving social and environmental advancements is our core motivation. Progression fuels our momentum and propels us forward." Denoly emphasizes the company's perpetual drive for innovation, collaboration across ecosystems, and the implementation of tangible initiatives, all while steadfastly adhering to its ESG action plan.
In Q1 of 2024, Schneider Electric's SSI score reached 6.43 out of 10, marking a promising start towards its year-end target of 7.40 out of 10. This achievement coincides with the launch of Schneider Electric's revamped employee value proposition, "IMPACT starts with us," and the introduction of new solutions focused on energy efficiency, automation, and decarbonization at its flagship Paris Innovation Summit. For further insights, refer to the SSI Q1 2024 report.

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