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Sappi North America ‘Truly’ Embodied ‘This Year’s Theme Of Renewal’: Sappi’s C.E.O


Securing “greater market” and delivering on “sustainability commitments”, Sappi can take on 2019 with confidence.

Source: flickr.com; (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Source: flickr.com; (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Dailycsr.com – 23 June 2019 – The Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited, Steve Binnie gave out a congratulatory Lesage to the team of Sappi North America, wherein he mentioned:
“I would like to congratulate the Sappi North America (SNA) team on another successful year, truly embodying this year’s theme of renewal”.
The said branch of Sappi Limited managed to implement “a significant change” as it introduced “the conversion of Paper Machine 1”, in short PM1, in its Somerset Mill, whereby it produced “packaging and speciality paper grades”. Furthermore, Binnie also informed:
“We also commenced a project to increase dissolving pulp capacity at Cloquet. These exciting changes are part of Sappi’s global strategy to boost capacity in higher growth and higher margin product segments”.
However, all such “significant capital projects” bring with it “inevitable disruption”, yet the company nullified “cost pressure in the graphic paper business”, while almost doubling “packaging business volumes” and improving “overall profitability” following the “conversion of Somerset PM1”, added Binnie.
In fact, Sappi North America also paid attention to the importance of preparing the employees to the change as each of them were trained for “114 hours”, which marks “almost twice the amount considered best practice for US companies”, noted Binnie.
Verve is a “dissolving wood pulp brand range” of Sappi which was launched on a global platform and proved beneficial to the business which also “introduced the Proto and Spectro paperboard brands for premium packaging and graphic applications”. While, Binnie added:
“We ensure the sustainability commitment of our products by focusing on securing certified woodfibre, both FSC and SFI, where we have invested in their smallholder certification programme to help build local economies”.
Throughout the journey Sappi North America has maintained its record of “its best-ever safety performance” as the company considers safety to be of “utmost importance” and dwells at the core of Sappi’s “operating ethos”. In Binnie’s words:
“I applaud the North American team for their unwavering commitment and hard work towards building a safe and prosperous Sappi, and look forward to getting the global organization to our ultimate goal of zero injuries”.
And Binnie is also hopeful that “SNA can look with confidence towards 2019 as it secures greater market share while delivering on its sustainability commitments”.
You can avail the “2016 Sustainability Report” of Sappi North America by clicking at the link given below: