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Sands Cares Honoured As The ‘NHA Sponsor of the Year’


NHA and Sands Cares collaborates to address homelessness issues about the locals of Las Vegas.

Dailycsr.com – 25 February 2020 –The NHA, “Nevada Homeless Alliance”, organised “Project Homeless Connect” which is a “series of service events” that connects the provider with the people in need from “Las Vegas community”. Sands Cares has helped NHA to deliver better, while recently it has been honoured as the “NHA Sponsor of the Year”.
NHA is a non-profit which was born in 1992 and engages with people who face “issues of homelessness” and advises them on the same. Moreover, the non-profit also coordinated with the “local and the regional partners” in these initiatives. Sands Cares has stood by NHA and the latter with its “our corporate charitable giving and community engagement program, and other community organizations” has managed to reach out to a greater number of people.
According to “Las Vegas Sands”:
“The annual Project Homeless Connect is the cornerstone of the NHA’s outreach, serving 5,000 people in 2019. At the event, over 3,500 hygiene kits and thousands of articles of clothing were distributed to those in need. Gathered providers also helped attendees with housing assistance, workforce resources,replacement of important government documents like Social Security cards, government cell phones and more”.
Sands Cares has been supporting NHA as well as the Project Homeless Connect and to recognise the same support it has been called the “NHA Sponsor of the Year”. In the words of the Director of Sands Cares, Stephanie Stanton:
“Being named Sponsor of the Year by such an incredible community partner is a great honor to our company, and it’s an honor we share with all our Team Members, who are collectively the backbone of our outreach programs”.
In the form of financial aid, Sands Cares has donated more than “$100,000 in 2019” besides its other support given in-kind which includes “350 tables and 1,200 chairs for the most recent annual event this past November”. Furthermore, Sands Cares has been there to provide “invaluable organizational assistance” and brought the “Nevada Resort Association on board”. Stanton further added:
“We may compete in business with the other resort companies, but when it comes to helping out our community, that’s one area we’re not competing in. We’re collaborating. Getting the Nevada Resort Association involved resulted in more donations of clean water, diapers and other essential items, and also countless volunteers for the Project Homeless Connect event.”
You can learn more about NHA by clicking on the link provided below: