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‘Sands Cares Heroes Of The Year’s Recipients To Be Awarded


Take a peek at the finalists’ list for winning the honour of “Sands Cares Heroes of the Year”.

Dailycsr.com – 07 April 2017 – Sands Cares reached out to Team Members from around the globe to congratulate the selected recipients of “Sands Cares Heroes of the Year” as well as the “finalists” of the “Sheldon G. and Dr. Miriam Adelson Citizenship Award”. Las Vegas Sands’ “corporate giving” programme’s name is Sands Cares which strives to turn communities into “better places” to live in with the help of its “philanthropic giving, volunteerism and other in-kind support to local organizations”.
The said award has been established as an “annual” one that recognises “Team Members” from all over the regions for demonstrating “a dedication” towards “giving back to their local communities and important causes”. According to “Las Vegas Sands”:
“The award was created to honor the Adelson family’s long-term commitment to philanthropy and the legacy of giving that they have instilled in the company”.
Totally there are twelve finalists who were picked out from the worldwide hundred eighty two nominations based on their efforts in the field of volunteering in association with “Sands Cares and other outside organizations”. Here are the names of the finalists, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Singapore Finalists: Alicia Lau, Mohd “Noor” Bin Spono, and Jonathan Vista
  • Macao Finalists: Martin Ieong Lap Kun, Thomas Chan Iek Cheong, and Joyce Tam Mei Heng
  • Bethlehem Finalists: Pam Burgio, William Romero, and Erik Weiner
  • Las Vegas Finalists: Biar Atem, Tina Peetris, and Eric Vozzola
The ceremony for giving out the awards will be held in this month of April, whereby all the finalists have been given invitations to come to Las Vegas for attending the function and accepting the respective “Sands Cares Heroes Awards”. While, the “Adelson Citizenship Award” will go to only one of the twelve finalists whose name will be revealed in the ceremony.