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Sands Care Ambassadors strengthen local communities with pandemic preparedness


Sands Cares Ambassadors in Macao have had a busy year. Sands China's Team Member volunteer corps works to strengthen the local community by addressing disaster and pandemic preparedness, hunger relief, and other social services such as caring for the elderly and assisting vulnerable residents, families in need, and youth living with disabilities.

In 2022, Sands China continued to address pandemic and disaster preparedness needs for local residents. In June, nearly 50 Sands Cares Ambassadors put together 800 hygiene and emergency response kits, which contained COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) and a variety of pandemic preparation and emergency items inside a multi-functional waterproof bag.

The majority of these kits were distributed by five Macao-based service organizations to vulnerable groups such as the elderly and low-income families. Sands Cares Ambassadors also staffed COVID-19 testing stations around the clock for two testing drives, including support for people who required special assistance, such as the elderly, families with infants and children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

Sands Cares Ambassadors also planned enrichment activities for youth living with disabilities and hosted a group of Concordia School of Special Education students, families, and teachers at a concert in The Parisian Theatre in honor of World Autism Day on April 2. Sands Cares Ambassadors hosted nearly 50 local students and Macau Special Olympics members for a day of miniature golf lessons and other activities at The Venetian Macao in early June.

Sands Cares Ambassadors are also interested in assisting vulnerable families. Sands Cares Ambassadors took part in the first global Sands Cares Food Kit Build on May 27, assembling 2,600 kits of food staples for distribution through long-term partner Caritas Macau. Sands Cares Ambassadors also assisted in the distribution of food kits to families. Sands Cares Ambassadors assisted the Holy House of Mercy Welfare Shop in distributing nearly 400 food hampers to disadvantaged families in time for the Lunar New Year in February.

Caring for the elderly is another area where Sands Cares Ambassadors excel. In February, nearly 150 Ambassadors continued a tradition of visiting the homes of elderly residents during the Lunar New Year holiday to provide warmth and companionship. For the past 13 years, ambassadors have participated in this activity. Other 2022 initiatives have included hosting members of local community organizations at Sands China properties and providing them with the opportunity to promote their work at Sands resort booths with volunteer support from Sands Cares Ambassadors.

“The efforts of our dedicated Sands Cares Ambassadors reflect the deep commitment Sands has to strengthening our local communities,” said Dr. Wilfred Wong, president of Sands China Ltd. “It is a commitment that every Team Member holds and goes hand-in-hand with the service we provide within our resorts. For everyone at Sands China, the Macao community is part of our family, and our Ambassadors are on the front lines of helping ensure the well-being of local residents.”

Since 2009, Sands Cares Ambassadors have volunteered 175,000 hours as part of the global community engagement program Sands Cares. Sands Cares' mission is to keep local communities strong by addressing urgent social issues and assisting in maximizing the local community's heritage, attractions, and opportunities for growth.

To learn more about the ways Sands supports local communities, and download its 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report, click here.