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Sands Academy Supports Employee Development


Sands Academy is a global programme which supports all “Team Members” in all the communities where Las Vegas Sands is involved.

Dailycsr.com – 31 March 2021 – Sands Academy is the “global development and mentorship program” of Las Vegas Sands as the former help the latter’s members by providing “variety of learning opportunities” so that they are able to attain their “full potential” in career goals.
Sands Academy is a global programme which supports all “Team Members” in all the communities where Las Vegas Sands is involved. Moreover, the programme is also tailored to meet the requirements of “individual business regions”. Sand Academy launches itself to developing Team Members right from the first day, whereby “all newly hired” members take part in an “intensive orientation” session wherein experts steer the way.
During the session, the new comers get “detailed explanations of company policies”, “Responsible Gaming program and industry-leading benefits package” besides introducing in-depth the “guest service standards” of the company as well as gives a “full property tour”. However, the Sands Academy has also developed the “Enrich program” accessible for all members working across all “the levels of the company”.
Furthermore, Las Vegas Sands also informed through a blog that:
“Building off the foundational principles of Enrich, that comprehensive skills and mentorship opportunities should be available to all Team Members, is the Emerge program, a leadership development series for high-potential Team Members. Emerge participants learn how to give effective business presentations, demonstrate our company’s core values through volunteering with Sands Cares events and learn the fundamentals of effective leadership”.
There are other free courses as well as offered to the “entire Team Member population” whereby the list of these courses also includes “specific subject deep dives” wherein experts are present to guide the members. Describing some of them, Las Vegas Sands added:
“Sustainability Tours, for example, deliver an up-close-and-personal view of how our properties make sustainable operations a top priority; classes on different casino games introduce Team Members to the rules of particular games, so they are better prepared to answer guest queries; and workshops on disaster readiness help prepare Team Members to respond to high-stress situations, such as responding to natural disasters, both in the workplace and at home”.