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Sam’s Club offers free screenings for Dads


So as to celebrate Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day, Sam’s Club has offered free health screening to dads at across 608 locations nationwide with a pharmacy in the vicinity.

Although most men think that being a father is their most important job, when it comes to taking care of themselves, most respond only to emergencies instead of being proactive about their health. This is the picture given by a national survey.
In order to honour Father’s Day and Men Health Month, Sam’s Club has generously offered dads and moms a free health check-up so that they both remain healthy and fit. These screening labelled “His Health” are totally confidential and are free of cost. They are available at 608 Sam’s Club locations wherever there is a local pharmacy nearby. The free of cost screenings will be held on Saturday, June 13 from 11AM to 3PM.
The screenings which are normally valued at $250 include tests for:
  • Blood pressure
  • Glucose
  • PSA (prostate-specific antigen) – This test is for men aged 40+. It is used to check for prostate cancer by checking the blood level of PSA, which is a protein produced by our prostate glands.
  • Risk ratio
  • Total cholesterol
  • Vision (not available at all locations)
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • HDL (good cholesterol)
“June is the perfect time to ensure the men in our lives are healthy. Dads today are more engaged than ever but many prioritize their families’ health over their own. Sam’s Club is proud to make it easier for these men to be proactive about their health by offering free screenings, including a PSA test for prostate cancer. We hope everyone stops by their local club to participate and to show dad just how much they care,” said Jill Turner-Mitchael, the senior vice president of Sam’s Club (Health and Wellness)
Sam’s Club Pharmacies provide more than just monthly screenings: visiting it regularly may lead to more savings since the screenings are of preventive nature and may possibly detect ailments at their nascent stage. Furthermore, Sam’s Club provides year round immunisation to adults and children. These shots are administered by licensed pharmacists and you can just walk-in for flue shots as well as nine other important immunizations, including rubella, measles and mumps.
Those members who are members of the Sam’s Club Plus or are Sam’s Club Business members, save even more on their prescription. Although individual experience may differ, Sam’s Club Pharmacy has ranked as the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Mass Merchandiser Pharmacies.”