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Sabaru Conducts Pilot Study To Manage Park Waste


Sabaru continues to deliver on its environmental commitments.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2016 – Most of the automakers today take up projects under their CSR requirements, or make donations for some cause or charity purposes, while their involvement in the same may be as much as “some lip service”. However, the case of Sabaru in America differs.
Sabaru’s commitments towards “environmental causes” go very “deep” and prove to be ‘authentic’. In the words of the senior vice president of marketing in Subaru of America, Alan Bethke:
“Reducing waste through recycling and reusing is a passion of mine. So when the automaker pitched me a story about a study they conducted with the National Park Service, I was intrigued”. 
The service team at the park takes care of an “astounding 100 million pounds of waste” throughout the country. The equivalent amount of waste would be enough to fill and refill the Statue of Liberty over a “1,800 times”. However, much of the nation’s waste goes to landfills which pose a “significant threat” to the environment as well as on the parks.
The pilot study in “waste characterization” took place in three parks, “Yosemite, Grand Teton and Denali”. The purpose of the study was to “examine sources of waste and identify ways to reduce waste”. Moreover, the same also conducted a survey on a national scale to gauge the behaviour and the attitudes of the people visiting the parks.
According to the results of the “consumer survey”, fifty nine percent of the respondents were “unaware of the significant waste management challenge”, while the eighty four percent were “willing to make a significant effort to reduce the amount of trash left in parks”.