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SPOTT, An Endeavour Of ZSL, ‘Au Secour’ To Better Inform The Stakeholders Of Palm Oil Industry


ZSL aims at shedding the light of clarity on palm oil manufacturing industry through the website of SPOTT.

Dailycsr.com – 02 December 2015 – The ZSL or the Zoological Society of London expands the “Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit” in short the SPOTT, which has been aimed to bring “bring further clarity” in the complicated industry of “palm oil production”. At present, SPOTT has embraced almost fifty percent of lands that are being used for cultivate palm for extracting its oil on a worldwide scale.
The platform of SPOTT which was established by the Zoological Society of London is an entirely “free” and “interactive” website which is designed to guide the “investors, researchers and commodity buyers” to “manage” the “environmental risks” involved with the “palm oil sector”.
Presently, the site is active in monitoring and ranking fifty of the “world’s largest palm oil producers” by accessing “publicly available information” about the oil manufacturing units’ sustainability operational efforts. This way, the stakeholders are better informed for making their decisions.
The website of SPOTT displays a “regularly-updated scorecard” which quarterly assesses fifty “oil palm growing companies”, which was doubled in the year of 2014 “against a framework of over 50 indicators”.
The best practices are disclosed in the form of direct questions that were framed to suit the purpose. The said attempt acts like indicators that touch upon various areas of functionality like “environmental management, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving supply chain traceability, and reporting to the industry’s largest certification scheme, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)”.
The website features a “trend-tracking graphs” which allows the users to compare the performances of various companies along with linking various media released stories that are “company-specific” and deals with issues like “fires, haze, deforestation and wildlife conflict”.
The Zoological Society of London’s “Global Palm Oil Manager”, Leonie Lawrence stated:
“SPOTT supports growers to improve reporting and transparency. With double the number of companies and half of all land under oil palm development now covered by our platform, we want to engage with companies to improve their scores and urge the financial sector to use the information to better understand and address their environmental impacts.”

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