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SKYLOTEC Acquires DEUS’s Rescue Device’s Assets And Intellectual Properties


SKYLOTEC gets a completer collection of rescue descenders following its new acquisition.

Dailycsr.com – 30 November 2016 – SKYLOTEC is a manufacturer of personal “protective equipment” and it has spread its range of products, whereby obtaining the “assets and intellectual properties” of the “DEUS Rescue descent device range”.
The descent systems are small, automatic and lightweight; as a result the said addition comes as a complement to “SKYLOTEC’s existing line of rescue descenders”. Furthermore, the firm based out of Germany will get a completer range of “rescue devices”, that already sports “Milan”, the latter being a “centrifugal brake system” which evades “free falls”, thus providing “a safe and secure automatic controlled descend speed to lower levels in an emergency” situation.