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SC Johnson Discloses ‘Fragrance Ingredients Down To .01 %’


The company of SC Johnson leads the way “toward greater transparency” in the industry by pioneering in the field to go “beyond what is required”.

Dailycsr.com – 27 July 2018 – In an announcement SC Johnson revealed that it set a precedent as the “major consumer packaged goods” company to disclose the details of its product “fragrance ingredients down to .01 percent”. The disclosure is on a global basis while it applies to the company’s entire brands’ portfolio.
This step taken by SC Johnson, even though “goes beyond what is required”, keeps the company on the route in its journey of transforming “industry efforts” in “ingredient transparency” which is now going on for decades. The senior vice-president of “Global Corporate Affairs, Communication and Sustainability” at the company, Kelly M. Semrau said:
“SC Johnson firmly believes that consumers deserve to know what’s in the products they use.  We began disclosing fragrance ingredients by product in 2015, and have been disclosing hundreds of these ingredients down to .01% for more than a year. Sharing more about product ingredients is good for families and important for the industry as a whole. We are pleased to see that our industry peers are following our lead and taking steps toward greater transparency.”
The efforts of SC Johnson to drive transparency in the industry started with the launch of “WhatsInsideSCJohnson.com ingredient website”. The website was a pioneering one which came into existence in 2009. Again in 2012, a “comprehensive list of fragrance ingredients” used in the products was added.
In fact, the “SC Johnson Fragrance Palette” does not accept around “2,400 ingredients” even though they match the “industry standards” and are legally allowed to be used in commerce, because they fail to “meet the company’s high standards”.
Taking the initiative further, in 2015, SC Johnson’s website featured “product-specific fragrance disclosure”, which is available for the consumers to access. Similarly, in 2016, the company spread the “disclosure” initiative to Europe, while in the following year of 2017 the same was reached to Asia. However, the extension will continue to even Latin America sometimes later in the year.
According to a SC Johnson press release:
“In 2017, SC Johnson broke additional ground by disclosing, on a product-specific basis, the presence of 368 skin allergens that may occur in its products. This move goes beyond regulations in the European Union and also in the United States, where there are no rules requiring allergen transparency”.
In the earlier part of this year, the company released the “scientific criteria” that shaped the “Greenlist™ program” of the company, whereby guiding the selection process of its product ingredients for the protection of the environment and human health.