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SC Johnson Bags ‘Climate Leadership Award’


SC Johnson climbs higher on the national list of EPA’s top 100 companies for its green initiatives, practices and voluntary involvements.

Dailycsr.com – 14 May 2018 – In an announcement SC Johnson revealed that on the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) National Top 100 List”, the company has acquired the rank of “No. 71” among the “largest green power users from the Green Power Partnership”.
Almost 63% of SC Johnson’s annual power requirements, around “117 million kilowatt-hours” of power, are being sourced from green energy. The company’s senior vice president of “Global Corporate Affairs, Communication and Sustainability”, Kelly M. Semrau said:
“Through our efforts to eliminate and reduce waste at our global facilities, to finding ways to recycle our Ziploc® brand bags, we have consistently worked to improve the environment. SC Johnson is committed to making life better for future generations, and reducing our emissions footprint through the use of green power is just one of the ways we are meeting that commitment. We are proud to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for being a leader in the green power market.”
Globally SC Johnson runs three of its properties “exclusively on wind energy”; one of them is its “Bay City, Michigan, plant” which produces “Ziploc® brand bags”. This facility buys 100% of its power from “from nearby wind farms”. The other two such facilities are “Mijdrecht, Netherlands, and Gorzow, Poland”.
Recently, the company of SC Johnson received a “Climate Leadership Award” under the category of “Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management (GHG) Goal Setting”, jointly presented by the “Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and The Climate Registry (TCR)”. In fact, in 2016, SC Johnson was also honoured by the EPA with a “Green Power Leadership Award for Excellence in Green Power Use”. Similarly, in 2011, the company bagged a “Green Power Leadership Award for On-Site Generation”.
Among the “Top 30 On-site Generation list” of company, SC Johnson is featured in on the 18th number. The choice made by the SC Johnson to source its power requirements from green energy promotes the voluntary involvement into the green power sector besides contributing to the “development of those sources”.
SC Johnson’s largest “manufacturing facility” on a global scale is situated at Waxdale, “Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin”, wherein in the year of 2012, the company installed “two 415-foot wind turbines”, which generate around “8 million kWh of electricity” annually, is can power “770 homes” all through the year. As a result, nearly “6,000 metric tons of carbon emissions” are eliminated annually. The Green Power Partnership of EPA’s programme manager, James Critchfield said:
“This list of the largest users of green power across the nation is proof that good business practices can also benefit the environment. EPA applauds the leading organizations in the Green Power Partnership's Top Partner Rankings for their notable commitment to expanding their use of green power and protecting the environment.”