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SBC Website Allows Small U.K. Businesses To Access Expert Advice


Information, support and mentoring from business schools could now be attained by entrepreneurs at the click of a button.

Dailycsr.com – 10 November 2017 – The U.K. based budding entrepreneurs as well as small business can get a maximum benefit from business schools in the form of “innovative and cutting edge business advice, support and mentoring”, reports Vikas Vij. Accessing business academics more easily will enable a better growth opportunity for start-ups, while encouraging more entrepreneurs to gather information, ideas for creating “sustainable and productive companies”.
“Small Business Charter” is a website that has been launched recently, whereby it is “breaking new ground” and bringing together “small business managers and entrepreneurs” and supporting them with advice coming from “some of the world’s leading business academics”. Additionally, the website also features “latest business advice” and “success stories” wherein the business schools have played a role to as an inspiration.
Experts like Professor Dylan Jones and Professor Monideepa Tarafdar have given their insight in the website, as the former talks about “what makes a successful entrepreneurial lead” while the latter deal with “how to work with digital colleagues to maximize productivity and performance”.
Describing the website further Vij added:
“The website includes an advanced search feature that enables businesses to search for relevant business schools according to their areas of expertise and match these to their business needs. The site also offers information on local and regional networking events where local entrepreneurs can meet business academics and other business leaders”.
Mark Hart is a professor of “Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School”, and according to his views, as mentioned by Ethical Performance, “the new SBC website enables business schools across the UK and Ireland holding the Small Business Charter a greater flow of knowledge and best practice nationally, strengthening their offering for businesses in each locality”.
The SBC website promotes business schools’ profile and establishes an accessible channel between business schools and small to medium entrepreneurs, whereby crafting an “impactful support” that would rouse a sustainable growth.
While, the chief marketing officer of Tangle Teezer Ltd. Gemma Clarke’s said, as per Vij, “the Small Business Charter website has created a default option for small companies in future that seek business advice. It is a clear signpost to business schools that are proven to be exceptional in the level of the results they can help small businesses generate”.