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Rob Gronkowski Talks Hypothetical NFL Return, Tight End Rankings, and Buffalo Bills Allegiance


So Gronk, you've been collaborating with Monster for a while now. How has the experience been for you?
Working with Monster has been fantastic. I really resonate with their philosophy and what they stand for—bringing energy to everything they do. That aligns perfectly with my own ethos because, for me, life is all about energy, and Monster embodies that spirit of taking energy to the next level. The team at Monster, from top to bottom, are all upbeat and positive individuals, which creates a vibrant atmosphere wherever I go, whether it's events or just being around the brand.
You're still in remarkable shape—has your workout routine changed since retiring?
My workout routine has shifted focus since retiring from football. It's less about the specific demands of the game and more about overall fitness and staying active. I still hit the gym for strength training sessions about once or twice a week to maintain muscle mass and strength. Additionally, I incorporate a lot of agility exercises to keep my movement sharp. I enjoy engaging in various activities that keep me competitive and challenged. Basketball has been a significant part of my routine lately. It not only hones different skills but also provides an intense cardio workout. Transitioning to basketball was tough initially due to the high cardio demands, but it's been a rewarding experience, pushing my skillset to new heights.
I noticed you on the pickleball court recently. Impressive stuff!
Pickleball is another activity I enjoy. It offers a great cardiovascular workout while also being a lot of fun. Alongside basketball, I also play volleyball and have a soft spot for hockey, having played it during my younger years in Buffalo. Whether it's pickleball, basketball, or any other game, I'm all about staying active and competitive, especially when it involves family and friends.
Could you share more about your charity work, particularly your focus on helping children?
The Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, which my family and I established a few years ago, holds a special place in my heart. With the foundation, I wanted to consolidate my charitable efforts into one entity. Instead of directing people to various charities, I wanted to provide a platform where they could support causes close to my heart. We focus on initiatives that benefit children because I believe in giving them the support and resources they need to thrive. It's incredibly fulfilling to see the impact we can make together.
I established the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation because I had a special childhood. Growing up with four brothers and a neighborhood full of friends to play with, I had ample opportunities to grow and thrive. I had access to equipment, parks, and organized activities, and I want every child to have those same opportunities. While I know I can't reach every child, I wanted to make a difference in as many lives as possible by providing access to resources like equipment and parks, giving them safe spaces to play and learn valuable lessons about teamwork and cooperation.
Have you and Camille ever discussed starting a family of your own?
Kids? Absolutely. We both adore children, and I know she would make a wonderful mother. With my brothers having four kids each, we enjoy being the cool aunt and uncle. But then we step back and think, "Are we ready for that?" We do have Ralphie, our beloved dog, who we consider our first step into parenthood.
Do you miss football? Do you still follow the sport?
I do miss football, especially the camaraderie of the locker room. There's nothing quite like the bonds formed with teammates who battle alongside you week after week. While I don't watch every game, I do keep up with the sport and stay connected with former teammates, sharing banter and memories via Facetime.
I know you've probably heard this question a lot, but is there any chance you might return to the game?
I don't think so. While I'm still in shape and capable of playing, I'm truly enjoying this chapter of my life. I feel fulfilled with what I've accomplished in football, and I don't feel the need to go back to playing professionally.
Okay, let's imagine a scenario: if you were compelled to return to the NFL because someone had taken Ralphie hostage, but you couldn't play for the Buccaneers or the Patriots, which team would you choose?
That's a tough one! (chuckles) If my dog's safety depended on it and I had to pick a team other than the Pats or the Bucs, it would have to be my hometown team, the Buffalo Bills. No question about it.
Now that you've retired, who do you think is the next standout tight end in the league?
Well, I'd like to think I'm still up there! (laughs) But there are definitely a few top contenders. Travis Kelce is undeniably one of the best, still going strong. And then there's Mark Andrews, who's making a name for himself. He just needs to keep building his legacy over the years. Of course, we can't forget about the legends like Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates who paved the way.
Rob, it's been a pleasure having you here today. You're a true gentleman. Thank you for spending time with us!