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Road That Leads To Zero And Scores High In Safety


Ray C. Anderson Foundation creates a test ground for eliminating deaths in road accidents.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2017 – The “National Safety Council's Safety First Blog” reported that in order to abolish “preventable deaths everywhere” in the country, one needs to take care of “preventable deaths” that occur on the roads. While, the “Ray C. Anderson Foundation” writes:
“We hope this can begin by using creativity and awareness to eliminate deaths on a stretch of highway southwest of Atlanta”.
The above mentioned stretch of road has been named “The Ray” which spreads for eighteen mile of “US I-85”. Thus, it proves to be a “living laboratory”, while the company is trying to turn the same space as a “net-zero highway”, which emits “zero carbon”, contributes “zero waste”, adds to “zero impact” and ultimately leads to “zero deaths”.
The said road has received its name in the memory of “sustainable business” world leader, Ray C. Anderson. Moreover, the road is giving on hand opportunity to “explore the concepts and technologies” for transforming the “transportation infrastructure”.