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Rio Olympics Provides A Platform For CSR Commitments


The global event of Olympic 2016 gave companies an opportunity to address their CSR commitments.

Dalycsr.com – 15 August 2016 – The host of 2016 Olympics, Brazil, has been lately facing challenges with its political and natural environments which resulted in major setbacks in public health and infrastructure of the country.
In the past, the Olympic events brought with them the opportunity wherein companies shared “their commitments to society and the environment with a global audience”. However, this year, the “dearth of campaigns” seemed surprising. Nevertheless, there have a couple of companies who stepped forward to share their social and environmental involvement during the Rio Olympics and thereafter. Here is an overview which includes companies like Dow Chemical Company, Cisco, and LifeStraw:
  • “As the Official Carbon Partner of Rio 2016, Dow Chemical Company is set "to mitigate carbon emissions of Rio 2016 Olympic Games by two million tons." To help achieve these reductions, the company has created a sustainable agriculture program on the ground in Brazil, implementing more sustainable farming practices to balance the Game's overall carbon footprint.
  • “Cisco seized its support of Rio 2016 as an opportunity to engage its employees and make an impact. The company is leveraging its CSR Volunteer Program to connect employees to students and instructors of the Cisco Networking Academy in Brazil. The goal of the program is to help students learn from Cisco employees while practicing their English skills and building relationships.
  • “In advance of the Games, LifeStraw, a company dedicated to making contaminated water safe to drink, has launched the Brazil Project – a fundraising initiative to provide LifeStraw purification filters and water education to villages in the northeast region of Brazil.The company is using Crowdrise as a platform to raise money for the project, in addition to raising awareness for the more than 34 million Brazilians who don't have consistent access to safe water”.