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‘Revolutionising Workplace Respiratory Protection’


Research shows that protection from inhaling harmful material at workplace is becoming a “growing necessity”.

Dailycsr.com – 27 October 2017 – According to the new “global research”, death rates in the workplace due to cancer have turned out to be “higher than previously thought”, whereby it underscores the fact that workplace need to have “respiratory protection” in the form of “face-fit checking built-in” as a necessity.
The “8 half mask” JSP Force come with “PressToCheck P3 Filters” which allows the user to “close off the airflow” so that the face fitting can be checked each time it is removed and worn during the work, while the device will continue to protect the wearer from “inhalable dust”, which can include “very fine silica dust”, other particles or aerosols.
As per HSE:
“PressToCheck is revolutionising workplace respiratory protection, and is rapidly replacing the inferior, often poorly-fitting, FFP3 disposable mask worldwide.