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Returning Energy With Every Step


J-Energy safety footwear range innovates to improve wellbeing with Infinergy material.

Dailycsr.com – 30 August 2017 – Jallatte is a famous brand of “French premium safety footwear”, whereby it has come out with new “collection catalogue” of J-Energy range which features Infinergy made soles. The material used in the soles is a pioneering one for absorbing shocks, while it also “returns their own energy to the wearer with every step”.
The newly released brochure demonstrates the models of Jallate J-Energy range of shoes which have been designed by experts and incorporated “expanded thermoplastic polyurethane” as oppose to the “traditional PU”.
The above mentioned material was originally used to improve the performance of the wearer. Additionally, the material also “increases and improves” the wellbeing of the person wearing the shoes, while they also get “extra spring” in every steps they take. According to HSE:
“The J-Energy footwear collection is lightweight, comfortable, abrasion, chemical and traction-resistant and extremely resilient and durable in a wide range of temperatures”.