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Rethinking STEM Education Through Distance Learning


MilliporeSigma has designed “free and interactive science experiments” involving only “some basic household items”.

Dailycsr.com – 30 October 2020 – Learning for kids happens through the action, while this may leave many with question given the COVID-19 situation where many schools have shut down and children are left to learn from home. However, even at this time learning while doing would mean to also embrace the present “uncertainties, shifting mindsets and expectations” while coming up with new ways of learning.
Even though classrooms have turned virtual, this should not be at the cost of “skipping core content”. The present scenario, however, disruptive it may look, provides “an unexpected opportunity” for us to “rethink, redefine, and reimagine” STEM learning and teaching like. While, MilliporeSigma informs that this process of rediscovery of learning methods “involves teaching science in a way that engages and stimulates students without overwhelming them or their families. This calls for taking a human-centered approach—placing people at the center of the process and relinquishing past formulas for new, bold solutions”.
Likewise, the company sets out “new expectations” for all the stakeholder – students, their families and themselves – to discover “the joy and wonder of learning”.  MilliporeSigma came up with some “learning strategies” which were extracted from “extensive listening sessions and surveys” involving “teachers, administrators, parents, and students”.
One of the things that MilliporeSigma understood is to keep things simple for through distance learning often parents of guardians will have to help out children with their activities. Therefore, simple goals and instruction would help immensely. Furthermore, instead of focusing on completing everything correctly, it is better to design activities to evoke the wonderment and observation power in children.
MilliporeSigma has designed “free and interactive science experiments” involving only “some basic household items” through “Curiosity Labs at Home platform” to “spark curiosity” in children. To learn about five points to keep in mind for connecting with children and engaging them in science subjects during distance learning sessions, click on the link given below: