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Restaurants Are Urged To Serve ‘Sustainable Seafood’


Conservation groups are working to promote responsible fishing culture reflecting in the supply chains of seafood restaurants.

Dailycsr.com – 31st December 2015 – In a pledge, the ‘conservation groups’ are pushing three restaurant and pub chains to become for responsible. Likewise, they are to fish only the species, they have mentioned on their menus.
The “Fish Finger campaign” lead by the “Marine Conservation Society, Fish2fork and Sustain” are attempting to roll in “JD Wetherspoon, Cafe Rouge and Bella Italia” for the commitment. All three chains are asked to act on their promises of taking “appropriate steps”, whereby helping the culture of “sustainable seafood” to flourish, besides protecting “precious marine environments and fish stocks”.
The progress of each of the three restaurant group will be assessed by “Fish2fork”. The MCS data shows that the three groups “serve more than 185million meals” annually. Moreover, recent joint findings by “MCS and Fish2fork” show that many restaurants are “failing to demonstrate publicly that the seafood they were serving was sustainable”.
In the words of fisheries officer at MCS, Sam Stone:
“We hope that, by receiving messages from our supporters, these brands will realise how concerned people are about last month’s survey.
“Our supporters tell us that they want to see sustainable fish on the menu, but high street restaurant chains just aren’t doing enough to either buy sustainable seafood or to inform diners about the seafood they’re selling.”
While, the Sustain’s project officer, Ruth Westcott adds:
“These companies are more than overdue a shakeup of their fish policies.
“There are plenty of sustainable fish options available and in fact they may be doing some good things already, but without a clear commitment and strong, meaningful and publicly accessible fish policy, customers are left in the dark.”
Moreover, the Managing Director at Fish2fork, Tim Glover stated:
“The choices restaurants make about which fish or shellfish to use have a direct impact on the health of our seas.”