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‘Restaurant Food Waste Action Guide’ Support Re-Thinking Of Food Waste


A new guide will provide directions to the food industry to practice further reduction of food waste.

Dailycsr.com – 28 February 2018 – Pizza Hut has donated more than “100 million pounds of food”, whereby it finds itself on very familiar grounds when it comes to reduce the wastage of food. It has been in the “game” right back from the year of 1992 with the launch of “Harest”, a “food donation” programme.
Pizza Hut participates in “Food Waste Reduction Alliance” and runs the Harvest programme. However, recently the restaurant chain came up with an “insight to ReFED”, the latter being a “multi-stakeholder nonprofit organization” which has fixed its commitments towards cutting down on food wastage worth “$218 billion” in the U.S.
Investors, policymakers, businesses as well as innovators of the food industry form part of ReFED’s work parameter, whereby the NPO implements solutions with the aim of creating a future wherein the “core” driving factor whether of corporate profit “job creation, hunger relief and environmental protection” would be to combat food wastage.
According to Yum! Brands:
“With help from Pizza Hut, our sister brands KFC and Taco Bell, other industry experts and category leaders, ReFED published the Restaurant Food Waste Action Guide. The guide was designed to support restaurants in developing and implementing food waste reduction solutions and is available for download on ReFED’s website”.
In an attempt to trigger a re-thinking process of food waste among “other companies and restaurant, the above mentioned guide was created.