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Republic Services’ Economic Impacts Transform Missouri


Impacting on economy and the life quality, Republic Services continues to contribute to the society.

Dailycsr.com – 26 October 2016 – On the 12th of September 2016, Republic Services, Inc. made an announcement about the “results of study” dealing with tis “annual economic impact” created within the “state of Missouri”, whereby measuring the economic impacts of the “Company’s subsidiaries and operations” whether direct or indirect on a state-wide scale for the year of 2015.
The area President at Republic Services, Jeff Kintzle, stated:
“Our impact in Missouri goes far beyond recycling and waste solutions. Whether it is job creation, tax revenues or community contributions, Republic has a sizeable impact on the economy and quality of life across the state. We are proud to do our part by investing in Missouri’s vibrant future.”
Republic’s operative units are spread across twenty six towns and cities of Missouri, covering the “metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield”. Likewise, Republic serves over hundred and twenty five municipalities situated across Missouri. Moreover, the company and its subsidiaries provide employment to more than “1,100 people”, besides operating over four hundred “collection trucks”, ten landfills, “nine transfer stations” along with “two landfill gas-to-energy projects, and two recycling centers statewide”.
The Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Chief Executive Officer as well as the President, Daniel P. Mehan, said:
“Republic Services is an industry leader, and their continued growth in Missouri is bringing new benefits to many communities across our state. As Republic Services grows and invests here, more good jobs are being created in Missouri, and we can feel reassured that our waste is being handled by a cutting edge, community-focused business.”
Here is a list of “economic impacts” of Republic within the area of Missouri, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • 2,800 direct and indirect jobs; 1.44 jobs created for every full-time employee
  • $52,200 average salary, which is 113% of the statewide average
  • $187 million in total Gross State Product (economic impact)
  • $140 million in total labor income impact (payroll)
  • $21 million in total annual tax revenue impact
  • $97 million in direct purchases
Nationally, GDP impact of Republic estimates are at “$9.5 billion” on an annual basis, including the direct and indirect job offers which amounts to “106,500” in total, along with “generating more than $1.4 billion in annual tax revenues for local, state and federal governments”.
The “W.P. Carey School of Business”, from the Arizona University, conducted the above mentioned study of Republic’s economic impacts with the help of the “L. William Seidman Research Institute”.