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RepRisk Touches ‘60,000’ Company Profiles Being Covered Under Its Risk Management Database


RepRisk crosses the mark of “60,000” customers in helping the latter with risk management related assessments on a global scale.

RepRisk Touches ‘60,000’ Company Profiles Being Covered Under Its Risk Management Database
Dailycsr.com – 17 December 2015 – RepRisk provides leading solutions through “dynamic business intelligence” regarding the risks involved on the front of governance, environmental and social issues.
Last month, on the 18th of November 2015, the company of RepRisk made an announcement stating that “ESG Risk Platform” has reached “60,000” number of private and public companies under its wings coming almost every corporate sector from all over the world and throughout the country. The operations and research’s head at RepRisk, Nicole Streuli-Fürst said:
“We just achieved the milestone of covering 50,000 companies in March of this year – and now, we have already reached the next milestone of 60,000. This fast growth is possible because RepRisk research is updated on a daily basis. Every day, we not only capture and analyze new risk information, but we also add to the database up to 50 new companies that are exposed to ESG risks for the first time.”
The ESG Risk platform initiated by RepRisk was launched at the year of 2006. At present, the platform processes “risk profiles for over 60,000 public and private companies” besides more than “15,000 projects”. Moreover, RepRisk is also adept at providing “sector risk profiles, country risk profiles, as well as data on NGOs, governmental bodies, and ESG issues and topics”.
The said platform is useful for the “financial institutions and corporate” throughout the world, whereby it helps as a research cum monitoring tool to assess “risk management, compliance, investment management, corporate benchmarking, and supplier risk”.
Furthermore, Nicole Streuli-Fürst adds:
“Our goal has been, and continues to be, to set the standard in ESG risk quantification and we remain focused on our mission to offer the most dynamic, comprehensive, and curated ESG risk data available.”
In case of further information, one can visit www.reprisk.com
While, BusinessWire states:
“RepRisk is a leading business intelligence provider, specializing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk analytics and metrics”.
RepRisk monitors and supplies “dynamic risk information” for a wide variety of companies, whereby it harnesses a systemic and proprietary framework that influences “hands-on human intelligence” almost coming from fifteen different language backgrounds and helps in “cutting-edge technology”.
Right from the year of 2006, RepRisk has been on a continuous surge of becoming “world’s most comprehensive ESG risk database”, serving diligently in “risk management” through “research, and monitoring tool”. Moreover, RepRisk also helps to cope with “compliance, investment management, corporate benchmarking, and supplier risk”; whereby currently the database is made of more than “60,000” companies’, both private and public, risk profiles.
The clients of RepRisk come from all the nooks and corner of the world and are spread across all the industrial sectors including “15,000 projects”. RepRisk is headquartered in Zurick, Switzerland, while its customer group, availing information in order to “manage and mitigate ESG and reputational risks in day-to-day business”, ranges from “global banks, insurance providers” to “investment managers, and corporate”.