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Reliable Nuclear and Solar Energy Solutions for Eclipse-Proof Power


In various cultures, the eclipse has been interpreted differently: from a mythical creature devouring the sun, to a cosmic punishment for human misdeeds, to a romantic liaison between the sun and moon. Despite these varied beliefs, throughout history, humans have always watched eclipses with fascination, whether as a foreboding sign or a celestial marvel. As the 2024 eclipse's totality path traverses the United States on April 8, people will once again be captivated.
Although science now explains the mechanics behind eclipses, there remains a sense of awe when witnessing one safely. Entergy employees are committed to ensuring customers can enjoy this wonder without concern for their electric service. With a diverse array of power generation sources, including solar, natural gas, hydropower, and nuclear, Entergy Arkansas is prepared for the eclipse's impact. While the temporary reduction in solar generation during the eclipse is normal, Entergy's mix of energy sources guarantees uninterrupted service for customers.

For instance, our nuclear power generation, which includes the two units at Arkansas Nuclear One in Russellville, provides approximately 65% of Entergy Arkansas' total electricity demand. Moreover, nuclear energy production remains unaffected by a solar eclipse and does not emit greenhouse gases.
"Doug Pehrson, Entergy site vice president at Arkansas Nuclear One, emphasizes, "Clean, carbon-free nuclear energy naturally complements renewable energy. Nuclear power is not reliant on weather conditions and can operate continuously, 24/7, 365 days a year."
But there's more. Our Searcy Solar Energy Center, equipped with a 100 MW capacity, features a 3-hour, 10 MW battery backup. This setup helps mitigate the intermittency issues associated with renewable energy generation. The batteries store surplus energy during sunny periods, which can then be tapped into during cloudy weather or at night to ensure uninterrupted service for our customers.
John Schwegler further explains, "Our diverse mix of energy sources and interconnected grid reduce our dependence on any single generation method, ensuring the reliability and convenience of our customers. A range of options makes our grid adaptable and capable of responding effectively to changing circumstances."
With such preparedness, Entergy Arkansas customers can enjoy April's eclipse without concerns, focusing solely on the spectacle. Have a joyful #EclipseDay!