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Regional Trucking Companies Come Forward To #HelpFillTheBoxes


During the pandemic, International Paper recognises the “higher than ever” demand for “ground transportation”.

Dailycsr.com – 25 September 2020 – From September 13 till September 19 is observed as the “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week”, whereby International Paper Company expressed its gratefulness towards “three regional trucking companies”, namely “FirstFleet, Truck One, and FAB Express”, who came forward to “#HelpFillTheBoxes” whereby offering their transport services.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increment in the demand for “food assistance”. As a result the International Paper has made a commitment of donating “two million corrugated boxes” towards organisations carrying out hunger-relief efforts across the globe. Likewise, Feeding America along with its network spread across the United States are set to get nearly “one million” such boxes.
It is to facilitate the transition of these boxes from box plants of International Paper to Feeding America’s food bank network that the above mentioned three “regional carriers” came forward to offer “shipping services” so that the food banks spread across “New York State to Texas” get the boxes needed to “distribute nutritious food” to the community members.
In the words of the Community Engagement Manager at International Paper, Amy Grow:
“The demand for ground transportation during the pandemic is higher than ever. We appreciate the willingness of FirstFleet, Truck One and FAB Express to deliver these boxes to help feed America during this unprecedented time of need.”
While, the FAB Express’ owner, Brian Bartuch added:
“FAB Express would like to thank International Paper for including us in the charitable operation for Feeding America. We all know the impacts of this pandemic and appreciate the opportunity to help aid in the relief effort.”