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Reflecting On A Profound Experience Of A Forest Stewardship


How many companies will take its customer to the root of its source and help them change their outlook? But at International Paper, you might get to hear one such stories.

Dailycsr.com – 19 March 2020 – The International Paper, one of the “biggest pulp and paper suppliers” in the world, aims to source 100% of its fibre requirements from “sustainable managed forests” by the year of 2030. Sophie Beckham is the Chief Sustainable Officer at International Paper for whom the sustainable journey started in the forests.
Around five years ago or so, Beckham went on a forest tour in the Deep South. During those days, she was at the post of ‘Forest Stewardship and Sustainability’ Manager at International Paper. She undertook the journey along with one of the customers of International Paper who was interested in better understanding the mission of the company.
Recalling that visit, Beckham stated that the outlook of the customer concerned had started to change after the above mentioned visit. In her words:
“I think our journey has really been characterized by forest stewardship, at the heart of our work. Everybody has some kind of profound experience in the forest. And to be able to go back and reflect on that, and to think about how International Paper is positively contributing to the impact, at the very start of our supply chain … it is really powerful.”
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