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Recycling Is Tetra Pak’s ‘Licence To Operate’


Lalani of Tetra Pak sees sustainability as a base to build on recycling and not to limit oneself with it, for according to him: “Recycling is hygiene”.

Dailycsr.com – 29 November 2017 – Tetra Pak is the “best-known packaging suppliers” in the world, wherein recycling plays a “big part” especially for Mustan Lalani’s daily operations as the “head of environmental affairs” at the company.
Therefore, facing “a lot” of question about recycling isn’t “surprising in itself”, while he “argues” that even though recycling is embedded deeply in the roots of his job and also forms part of the “environment efforts” of Tetra Pak, recycling “should be seen as a basic business activity to build on” instead of limiting a company’s sustainability agenda and ambitions to it. In his words:
“When we talk about sustainability we too often go right into recycling. What are we doing about recycling? Our perspective is that this is absolutely important, and it's our licence to operate and we are doing what we have to do there, but I am more interested in saying 'can we solve that problem already please?' Let's get on to the interesting stuff.
“This is hygiene. Recycling is hygiene.”
Lalani adds that Tetra Pak has also been investing into recycling for the “last few years” and counts “a host of programmes and initiatives” that were designed for “boost recycling rates” of Tetra Pak’s packaging processes around the globe, whereby the company works “closely with EU lawmakers on the Circular Economy package”, supporting both ways “logistically” as well as “financially” various “systems” all over the globe that are moving to “maximise the collection and reuse of packets and cartons”.
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