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ReStore Addresses The ‘Challenges And Potential Expenses’ Of Disposing Furniture


Habitat for Humanity and Subaru of America deepens their collaboration to raises additional fund for Habitat for Humanity’s mission.

Dailycsr.com – 19 September 2018 – Habitat for Humanity is a globally known name which helps families to “build and improve homes”, whereby the organisation is working to create positive impact in the “local Camden community”. Likewise, it is offering “decent and affordable places” which can be called home.
“Habitat for Humanity of Camden County” was founded in the year of 1986 which has joined hand with nearly sixty families and started the “ReStore donation center and resale showroom in Pennsauken, NJ” which receives “reusable furniture, appliances, home goods and building supplies” donated by businesses as well as residents. Consequently, these collected items are resold at “a fraction of the retail price” for raising “additional funds for their home building mission”.
In the words of the Habitat for Humanity for Camden County’s executive director, Jeff Mihalek:
“There are many excellent resources available for donating ordinary household items such as clothing and books, but furniture and appliances present a whole different set of challenges and potential expenses. We provide a no-cost and no-waste alternative to disposal, and we’ll even do the heavy lifting!”
The “free donation pickup service” became a hit for the local people, as a result ReStore gained popularity as people who wanted to give away “heavy and bulky items after remodeling, downsizing or just getting organized” found a place to turn to. Interesting part is that, no only house owners but also the businesses in the locality starting to collaborate with Habitat ReStore.
Likewise, Subaru of America donated furniture to ReStore from its “former office” after it shifted to a “newly constructed” building, in this way both the parties deepened their collaboration. In the words of the chief executive as well as the president of Subaru of America, Inc., Thomas J. Doll:
“As we transitioned to our new corporate headquarters in Camden, building upon our work with cherished, long-time partner and new neighbor Habitat for Humanity of Camden County was the clear and natural decision. Donating office furniture and equipment from our Pennsauken facility to Habitat’s ReStore is a triple win; it supports the Habitat for Humanity organization and the Camden community by raising more funds to build additional affordable housing, and also speaks to Subaru’s Love Promise commitment to minimize our environmental impact. By recycling our gently-used furnishings, we hope that more families in Camden have a place to call home.”
While Mihalek added:
“Subaru and Habitat for Humanity of Camden County have partnered in community building for over twenty years, so we were eager to help them find a good home for their excess office furniture. We were able to accept approximately 34,000 pounds of usable chairs, file cabinets, bookcases and more.”
“In the end, we were able to remove the inventory at no cost to Subaru, divert 17 tons of materials from local landfills, offer high quality office furniture to our ReStore shoppers at great prices, and ultimately raise funds for our home building projects. It’s a win-win for everyone, but it wouldn’t have happened without the conscientiousness and generosity of Subaru.”