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Rayuwa Translates John Deer And PYXERA Global’s Shared Vision Into Reality


Rayuwa works with Nigerian farmers to improve their livelihood besides promoting education to create educated farmers for tomorrow.

Dailycsr.com – 04 February 2020 – In the words of the John Deere Sub-Saharan Africa’s managing director Jacque Taylor:
“We work with, fund, and have seen lots of other programs. We have never seen anything like Rayuwa. It is truly integrated.  The progress the Rayuwa team has made in just a few months and the level of engagement by the community is incredible.
“This is the standard.”
The PYXERA Global, John Deere, the Nigerian government along with the rural communities of Nigeria have a shared vision of achieving food security and prosperity in Nigeria. It is to give a concrete shape towards the shared goal that PYXERA Global and John Deere came together to create “the Rayuwa program”.
The mission of the above mentioned programme is to create a better livelihood for the smallholder farmers in the country besides increasing their resilience. In order to achieve the same Rayuwa invests in the farmers of today besides creating farmers of tomorrow. The pillars of the programme include “quality education”, “resilient agriculture”, and talents from John Deere.
Rayuwa is a seven years’ venture which will promote “partnership, collaboration, learning, and adaptation between John Deere and PYXERA Global on the JIVA project in Rajasthan, India” also.
Rayuwa operates in the “most populous country” of the African continent wherein it identifies the “capability of current farmers” and uses its “resilient agriculture initiative” to expand its agricultural best practices’ application and to increase farm ability to function as a “high-performing business”.
The educational initiative banks on the evidence that “educated farmers are more productive and more capable of weathering shocks”. As a result, Rayuwaattempts to improve “learning outcomes in schools” maximise the learning potentials of the future farmer generation. Lastly, the programme depends on the expertise and talents of the John Deere employees to take its mission forward, while the employees are also given experiences which support their “professional development”.
The word, Rayuwa, has been borrowed from “local Hausa language” which means literally means “life”. The programme was launched in October 2019 and has begun its “multi-generational journey toward resilience for Nigeria’s agriculture and human capital systems”.
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