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Ralph Lauren Named Under ‘2021 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities’


Ralph Lauren’s “work continues beyond this milestone”.

Dailycsr.com – 01 September 2021 – Ralph Lauren Corporation has made a commitment to foster an atmosphere which will provide “opportunity for all” yet nurturing a “more inclusive society”. As a result, Ralph Lauren constantly aims to turn a better advocate as well as an “equitable employer” of “people with disabilities”. Recognising the said effort of the company, the “Disability Equality Index” included Ralph Lauren’s name in the “2021 Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities”, while the company feels honoured to have received the above-mentioned recognition.
The “Disability Equality Index” acts as a benchmark for companies to create a roadmap for action which is “measurable” and “tangible” towards attaining “disability inclusion and equality” in within their own premise. Moreover, Ralph Lauren further added:
“We are also proud to join the Valuable 500 alongside 499 other companies around the world committed to adding disability inclusion to their boards’ agendas”.
These may bear testament to Ralph Lauren’s commitment towards “people of all abilities” yet the company feels it is only the beginning of its journey since their “work continues beyond this milestone”. Likewise, this year the company is going to build on its “partnerships with disability experts and activists” in order to implement “best practices for disability inclusion” in its company along with the communities wherein it operates and last but not the least the “society at large”.