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RMI’s Blockchain Guidelines Sets A Shared Standard For ‘Mineral Value Chain’


The mineral industry takes the first step to promote due diligence throughout its supply chain.

Dailycsr.com – 21 December 2018 – The “Responsible Minerals Initiative”, in short called RMI, is formed by a group of “leading companies” that are committed to improve the “security and human rights conditions” in their “mineral supply chains”, whereby the coalition has made an announcement to reveal the “voluntary guidelines” required for driving “common adoption of definitions and concepts in the application of blockchain-enabled solutions”.
The guidelines presented by RMI provides a first effort of the industry towards defining “a common set of principles, attributes and definitions” to regulate the “application of blockchain technology” in assuring due diligence in the mineral supply chain.
The above mentioned guidelines have attempted to minimise the “fragmentation of blockchain projects” as it presented “a set of fundamental attributes” that projects can refer to at every “stage of mineral supply chains”. The “Conflict Minerals Reporting Template” of RMI and its success have been the inspiration behind the Guidelines which comes with an “underlying data exchange standard”.
In the words of the Innovations, Responsible Business Alliance’s director, Michèle Brülhart:
“The RMI Blockchain Guidelines are a helpful first step to promote interoperability of blockchain projects in mineral supply chains and to help us understand the impacts of this technology on supply chains and communities. The Guidelines are a living document and we look forward to further developing it with our members and partners."
The said Guidelines are the result of RMI’s collaboration with the “members and external stakeholders” which also included the entire “mineral value chain” along with “blockchain service providers”. Furthermore, the RMI understands the “ongoing work to design and test blockchain-enabled solutions in mineral supply chains and is committed to regularly review and update its Guidelines”.