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RACHEL Server Empowers Rural Guatemala with Internet Access


Nearly 2.9 billion people, amounting to a staggering 37% of the global population, are yet to unlock the boundless realm of online learning. They are missing out on a world of knowledge and learning opportunities that the internet has to offer.
But let's not forget the profound impact of pandemic-induced school closures, which continue to reverberate even after three years. Teacher well-being has been deeply affected, and students' proficiency levels have taken a hit worldwide. This setback has been especially pronounced in communities lacking reliable internet access or technological resources to facilitate remote instruction. We must take decisive action to accelerate the learning of these marginalized learners, ensuring they reach minimum proficiency levels in each country. Moreover, inclusive initiatives are imperative to connect these communities and their students with trained teachers and high-quality classroom resources.
Enter World Possible, an esteemed non-profit partner of Cisco. Their mission is to bridge these gaps and empower offline learners by connecting them to the vast ocean of knowledge using a revolutionary educational server called RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning). RACHEL equips teachers with an innovative learning tool, enabling them to engage their students and overcome the digital divide. It empowers educators to enhance their productivity while catering to diverse classrooms.
Today, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of educators across the globe and shed light on the transformative impact of World Possible's technology in Oceania, Asia, and Latin America. In these regions, RACHEL has become a catalyst for building teacher capacity, igniting student engagement, and elevating overall classroom performance. By imparting digital skills to students living in remote and disconnected communities, RACHEL paves the way for a brighter future.

Kiribati is an extraordinary island nation adorned with over 30 exquisite atolls and home to a remarkable community of 17,500 students attending 110 schools. Spanning a vast expanse of 3.5 million square kilometers in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the challenge of providing access to well-trained teachers and up-to-date curriculum to this widely dispersed population has become a top priority for education officials. That's where the Kiribati Education Improvement Program comes into play.
To overcome the hurdles posed by the country's geographic distribution, Kiribati Education officials have harnessed the power of RACHEL server devices. These ingenious servers store digital media within key training schools, effortlessly reaching even the most remote corners of this island paradise. Equipped with solar-powered flexibility and battery backup support, these servers ensure uninterrupted access to educational resources. Considering the exorbitant cost of internet access, which primarily relies on mobile phone data plans, scaling up access to these invaluable resources has proven to be unsustainable for the communities. However, the introduction of a RACHEL content device reshapes this landscape, making professional training and accessing updated content a breeze.
The power of connectivity can be unleashed with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations' specialized agency dedicated to information and communication technologies. Committed to fostering global connection, the ITU reveals through their Data Hub reports that 60% of individuals in Cambodia are currently embracing the internet, slightly below the world average of 66%. However, this disparity in internet access becomes more pronounced in Cambodia's rural and remote communities. Enter World Possible, the beacon of hope bridging this digital divide for teachers and students in rural Cambodia.
Witness the remarkable impact of the World Possible RACHEL server firsthand at Doris Dillon School, where students thrive in an immersive learning environment. Empowered by this innovative device, students embark on a journey to learn English, enhance numeracy skills, and develop digital literacy using computers. But the RACHEL server's influence extends beyond the classroom, serving as a communal digital library for families to explore gardening tips, engage in health education, and participate in computer classes.
Embrace a world of connectivity and transformation as World Possible paves the way for a brighter future in rural Cambodia, igniting a passion for learning and empowering communities to thrive in the digital era.
In the realm of Latin America, accessing the internet and technology for educational purposes can pose significant challenges. Take Guatemala, for instance, where the ITU Data Hub reports reveal that only 51% of individuals in the country currently embrace the digital world, falling short of the global average of 66%. Nestled within Guatemala's breathtaking landscape, one can find a tapestry of towering mountain ranges adorned with majestic volcanoes, lush jungle regions, and bustling urban cities like Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango in the northern highlands. Amidst this diverse geography lies a beacon of hope—a school powered by RACHEL technology, nestled in the humble village of Sacsiguán Monte Mercedes in the western highlands of Guatemala.
In this remote and rural enclave, Elvia Patricia Julajuj Cuxulic, a trained accountant turned dedicated educator, stands at the helm of Monte Mercedes Secondary School, guiding seven classes of students each week. With unwavering commitment, Elvia serves 87 students from grades 7 to 9, nurturing their minds in pursuit of a brighter future.
Earlier this year, a turning point arrived for Elvia's school as they received a transformative gift—a RACHEL server. Now, students who once had limited access to the vast expanse of the internet find themselves immersed in its boundless knowledge. Empowered by this cutting-edge device, Elvia and her students have embarked on an incredible digital journey. Ministry of Education reports testify to their endeavors, with over 130,000 logged events and a staggering 66,900 pages visited. As one of the four esteemed educators at Monte Mercedes Secondary School, Elvia holds steadfast hope that her students and the broader community will seize the opportunity for a brighter, more prosperous life through the power of education.
But this is just the beginning.
At Cisco, we are dedicated to investing inclusively, employing a portfolio approach that fuels the growth of non-profit organizations, enhancing STEM education outcomes, inspiring the younger generation to champion climate regeneration, and developing globally-trained educators. Together with esteemed partners like World Possible, we strive to enrich human capital, connect individuals inclusively to invaluable resources and services, and provide cutting-edge platforms informed by proven educational practices.
Stay tuned for more transformative stories and inspiring endeavors that shape a world where every individual can unlock their full potential through the power of education.
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