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Quantis’ ‘geoFootprint’ Bridges Data And Action Gap Towards Sustainable Agriculture


The supply chain of agricultural market which is spread across the globe increases the complexity in managing data.

Dailycsr.com – 09 March 2021 – Quantis is a sustainability consultation group which has launched “geoFootprint”. The first tool that compares “data from satellite imagery” and “environmental metrics” in order to give a picture to the users about the “footprints of key commodity crops” which appears on a high resolution “interactive world map”.
Agriculture contributes to over twenty percent of “global greenhouse gas emissions”. The supply chain of agricultural market which is spread across the globe increases the complexity in managing data. Therefore, companies need to comprehend the impact of the crops that they grow and manage so that they can work to bring down their carbon footprint besides meeting “ambitious targets” such as carbon neutrality.
The interactive platform of geoFootprint allows the stakeholders and companies alike from across the global supply chain to instantaneously acquire data about “environmental footprints of crops”. As a result, they are able to take quick decisions that are “better-informed and more sustainable”.
Moreover, geoFootprint not only provides data regarding crops that form the majority of “global food system” but it also offers insights into other important industries such as “the apparel, chemicals, cosmetics, biofuels and other bio-based industries”. Non-expert users, like “students and other stakeholders” can avail an “open-access version of geoFootprint” aimed for the expansion of “public knowledge on sustainable agriculture and the crop production risks posed by climate change”.
geoFootprint is a “multi-stakeholder initiative” built in collaboration with over twenty-five “public, private and academic partners” in an attempt to facilitate an acceleration of “sustainable agriculture through innovation”. Xavier Bengoa, a “senior sustainability consultant” of Quantis, has headed the geoFootprint project. In his words:
“While agriculture is one of the largest contributors to the climate and biodiversity crisis, it also represents one of the most high-potential solutions. geoFootprint enables companies to reduce the environmental footprint of crops in their supply chains through providing insights that – until now – have been nearly impossible to capture. It fills a giant knowledge gap that will allow us to accelerate the sustainable transformation of agriculture.”
While, the senior manager of “Sustainability Accounting”, “Mars Incorporated and geoFootprint partner”, Laura Overton said:
“geoFootprint promises to fulfill a valuable need for companies to better understand and ultimately to reduce their carbon footprints. The potential of the tool lies in combining spatially-detailed agricultural impacts with location-specific sourcing data.”