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‘Quality & Innovation’ With Safety Standards


Martor’s recent product launches displays its specialisation as it contributes towards sharper and safer tools.

It has been decades now that Martor is specialising in safety knives. However the company does not limit itself to improving the safety issues with its products but it is also dedicated to “sharpening productivity” besides cutting down “collateral damage” which could arise from using knives in a careless manner.
The name Martor features in the “international leading partner” that promotes “safer cutting solutions”. The company is a family owned business which is based out of Germany and has been in the market for over seventy five years.
Martor’s attempt has always been to combine “quality with innovation”, whereby retaining its focus on manufacturing “premium cutting tools” that suit the “industrial and professional purposes”. Currently, over seventy countries from all over the globe represents the Martor brand either as dealers or as partners.
Martor’s products are regularly launched with new additions, as a result it has “most recently” launched “the SECUNORM 380”, the latter being the “only safety knife” in the world that comes with a “blade extension” with the “length of 7.8 cm” which has an “automatic blade retraction”. Moreover, Martor has also launched the “innovative SECUMAX 350” featuring “the changeable concealed-blade head”.
While, the HSE added:
“The high quality safety knives, equipped with quality blades from Solingen, can be used for numerous cutting tasks on a variety of materials, such as multi-ply cardboard, paper, plastic strapping band, tape, bagged goods, shrink film and plastic wrapped pallets”.