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Pyxera Global Addresses The Global Issue Of ‘Post-Harvest Loss’ Of Agricultural Produce


During the crops’ journey from the field to the market, fifty percent of the quantity is lost globally.

Dailycsr.com – 23 January 2017 – Pyxera Global pledges you to take part in the Twitter chat called “How the World Can Cut Food Loss in Half by 2030” along with the Rockefeller Foundation, the co-author of “Food Foolish”, the “Dow Chemical Company” and “Feed the Future”. The said chat is scheduled to take place on Thursday, the 26th of January 2017 at “11:00 am ET at #GEFLive”.
Moreover, it is important to know that as much as almost fifty percent of the produced crop either vegetables or fruits, never make it to the market, as they get wiped off even before. On the other hand, as many as “1.2 billion” remain hungry or they are “undernourished” on a daily basis.
The above mentioned loss of food products could be termed as “post-harvest loss” which occurs “due to a host of reasons”, while the solutions to address the issue would require a collaborative approach from “a public-private-social sector”. The up side of the solutions, if successfully executed, could ease numerous threating affairs like “climate change, global water shortages, and even global poverty”.
Irrespective of being an instrument to restructure “supply chains for the circular economy” or to put an end to “global hunger”, one cannot ignore the “post-harvest loss” as it will affect the either ends eventually.
Joining in the chat will enable you to talk to the “featured chat participants”, the list of which is provided below, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
Talk to featured chat participants from the public, private, and social sector, each with a unique competency in loss reduction:
  • The Rockefeller Foundation, @RockefellerFdn
  • The Dow Chemical Company, @Dowpackaging
  • Eric Shultz, @ericebs, Co-author of Food Foolish
  • Feed the Future, @FeedTheFuture
These participants come from various sectors like “public, private, and social” and each bring to the table “a unique competency in loss reduction”. In order to learn about the “real-world approaches” for reducing the loss in “your agricultural supply chain” which in turn will “improve global food security” join these veterans online.
The chat is being hosted by @PYXERAGlobal, as a “featured event” that will “lead-up to the Global Engagement Forum: Live, taking place April 4 – 5, in Washington, DC”.