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Providing ‘Wellness, Nutrition & Play Resources’


Morgan Stanley reaches Baltimore with its ‘Healthy Cities initiative.

Dailycsr.com – 25 October 2016 – On the 21st of October 2016, Morgan Stanley made an announcement whereby revealing the name of the ninth “Healthy Cities” location being Baltimore. Alongside, the company also began the programme by building a playground at the “Family Recovery Program”.
In the current programme, Morgan Stanley will be working in partnership with “Maryland Food Bank” as well as the “Baltimore City Public Schools”, whereby the programme will attempt to organise over two hundred fifty thousand healthy meals, along with two thousand “health screening” to around four thousand “children and families” alike. Furthermore, the initiative will also introduce “sustained nutrition education programs and safe play spaces”.
For the past three years, Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities programme attempted to deliver families and children in need from all over the world with “health, nutrition and play” facilities. The global philanthropy head at Morgan Stanley, Joan Steinberg, said:
“Through Healthy Cities Baltimore, we are proud to leverage and integrate the amazing work of local partners to support a child’s healthy start to life. We’re excited to use the unique Healthy Cities platform to strengthen the network of nutrition, health and play services available to the children in Baltimore.”
Here is a list of “local and national” non-profit organisation with whom the Healthy Cities programme of Baltimore will be associated:
“KaBOOM!, Feeding America, Total Healthcare, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, MedStar Harbor Health Hospital, University of Maryland Extension and Baltimore City Public Schools”
Together, these organisation will integrate their “respective” programmes in the project for delivering “in a hub model for underserved Baltimore neighborhoods”. The design of the playground that is being built have been inspired by the drawings of the children who will be playing in it once it’s completed. The same will have the capacity to accommodate “more than 200 kids from The Family Recovery Program”.
In this manner, the programme will present a safe place for the children to play, develop and grow in turn. The employees at Morgan Stanley are very much integral parts of the programme as they will “provide more than 2,000 hours of volunteer service” to render the project a successful attempt. In the words of the vice president for “Programs & Network Relations” at Maryland Food Bank, Tim Regan:
“Having access to meat and fresh produce on a regular basis will be a lifeline for these families. Through the Healthy Cities program, we will be able to provide monthly bulk food distributions to each of these schools.”
The programme of Healthy Cities by Morgan Stanley began in the year of 2014 for delivering “wellness, nutrition and play resources”. Here is a list of places from around the globe wherein the programme has worked earlier:
“Chicago, IL; Newark , NJ; Oakland, CA; London, UK; Cleveland, OH; Houston, TX; Mumbai, India; and New Orleans, LA”.