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Professionals Inspire Middle School Girls In STEM Education At ‘GET-IT’


In an attempt to encourage girls to take up STEM education, professionals introduce the said field to school girls.

Dailycsr.com – 28 March 2018 – The “North American automaker FCA US LLC and the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWT)” have partnered together for bringing ‘GET-IT” to young women under “Girls Exploring Together Information Technology”, the latter being a team activity for after school period which aims to “encourage young girls” to pursue “a career in information technology”.
The “FCA US Information & Communication Technology” located in Auburn Hills welcomed seventy five “middle school” girls from five different schools of “Detroit-area”. These girls explored “augmented reality, CAN-bus networking, UConnect® and other technologies”, while they also communicated with the professors who “implemented” these technologies.
While, 3blmedia informed that:
“Students involved in the GET-IT Girls program receive hands-on exposure to technology, while also enhancing their math and science skills, and confidence. The program, which runs from September through the end of the school year, also helps prepare the students for college, strengthening their teamwork, problem-solving and organization abilities”.