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Pro Bono Can Be A High Impact Resource To Help Non-Profits


The State of Pro Bono Service Survey 2017 looks for solutions to non-profits daily issues.

Dailycsr.com – 31 October 2017 – Most of the non-profit organisations who deal with social issues often lack resources, staffs and are in need of support, while they also do not have proper “access to the marketing, design, technology, strategy, or planning resources” which are mandatory for bagging success. This difficulties of such non-profits have been acknowledged by the Taproot Foundation.
As a result, the foundation in its “2017 State of Pro Bono Service Survey”, has turned its focus on the “challenges” faces by the above mentioned non-profits on a daily basis, whereby the report identifies on “how pro bono can be a high-impact resource in overcoming these common barriers”.
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