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Praxair makes it to the DJSI 13 times in a row


Thanks to its strong traditionsof integral management, which includes corporate governance, environmental, social, risk management, supply chain management, to name a few, Praxair has once again passed DJSI’s stringent criteria and has been named to the DJSI for the 13th consecutive time.

Dailycsr.com - 25 September 2015 - In recognition of Praxair Inc ’s long standing commitment towards social causes as well as the environment, it was named to the North American Indices and to the Dow Jones Sustainability World for the 13th consecutive year.

What is significant, is that Praxair is the only U.S. based company, from the chemical sector, to have been recognized and selected for 13 consecutive years for the World DJSI.

Praxair has managed to maintain this prime track record thanks to its commitments of helping its customers throughout the world in improving their environmental performance while minimizing their environmental footprint and maximizing their environmental, economic and social contributions.

Praxair Inc has been given its due recognition thanks to its extensive commitments towards social development. It was included in the CDP S&P 500 Climate Disclosure Leadership Index as well as named as in Forbes’ America’s Best Employers List for 2015.

“Our sustainable development programs have been institutionalized over decades and form the foundation of our mission – making our planet more productive,” said Praxair Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Riva Krut.

She went on to add, “From safety to operational discipline and environmental stewardship to innovation, sustainable development is a key element of our financial results and long-term business success. This recognition is the direct result of years of hard work and the dedication of our employees globally and we thank them for their efforts.”

The DJSI selections are made on a scrupulous in-depth analysis of a company’s track record vis-à-vis its environmental and social practices, its economic practices, corporate governance, innovation, risk management, supply chain standards, environmental management and strategy and safety and labor practices.

If this were not enough, an emphasis is also place on industry specific opportunities and risks.
The highlights for DJSI include:
  • Corporate Citizenship:
Praxair has continued its much valued and strong tradition of engaging with local communities. In 2014, almost 336,000 people have benefited from efforts made by its employees and from its many programs.
Further, Praxair has reached 800 organizations in 26 countries through its Global Giving Program.
  • Corporate Governance:
Praxair’s Board have continued their long standing tradition of strong corporate governance practices.
  • Environmental Innovation:
Thanks to its innovations in its basket of ecological-portfolio which have brought about strong environmental benefitsto its customers, Praxair has generated 32%, or $3.9 billion in revenue. It has made it a win-win situation for its customer as well as for itself.
Additionally, Praxair technologies enabled at least two times more GHG to be avoided per year than were emitted in all the company’s operations.

About Praxair
Praxair Inc. is a fortune 250 company with sales to the tune of $12.3 billion as on 31st March 2014. Praxair is not only the largest industrial gases company in North and South America it is also one of the largest worldwide.
Praxair produces, processes, distributes and sells specialty gases as well as high-performance surface coatings. Its technology, products and services are making this planet more livable thanks to its environmental innovations and improvements in efficiencies in the working of industries, such as electronics,aerospace, food and beverage,healthcare,chemicals and energy, to name a few.

Source(s): www.businesswire.com

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