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Plant Bullied By Students Began Wilting Within A Month


Bullying has a negative effect on students, who often fall victim to this mishap. In an attempt to underscore its negative impact, Ikea’s demonstration explores the effect of negativity on plants.

Dailycsr.com – 18 May 2018 – Over 20% of students in the United States fall victim of bullying, therefore it becomes a customary for the educators as well as the parents to look into the topic. Recently, various brands and organisations too have been taking part in the conversation with “hashtags, emojis and even hidden camera stunts” for spreading awareness.
Similarly, Ikea, a “Swedish furniture chain”, has also joined the team with its “simple, tangible activation” which illustrates the “negative effects of bullying”. The company organised a “demonstration in a Dubai school”, which involved “two nearly-identical plants from IKEA stores”. The students were asked to “record positive messages for one plant” while “negative messages for the other”. Both the plants received the exact amount of “water, fertilizer and sunlight” for a month’s time.
During this period both the plants were made to hear the respective recordings “on a loop”. After the month ended, the results demonstrated that the one exposed to “kind words and encouragement” showed healthy signs while the other one exposed to negative words had started wilting.