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#PlacesthatMatter Presents The ‘Reality Through The Eyes of Whirlpool Employees’


The unique storytelling exhibition stems from the symbiosis of Whirlpool’s company and the local community across EMEA region.

Dailycsr.com – 30 July 2018 – Whirlpool Corporation celebrated its “10th year anniversary of its operations in Radomsko”, whereby inaugurating “#PlacesthatMatter exhibition” which is a unique journey of storytelling through photos which recount the “passion and dedication” of the people involved in the company’s “manufacturing facilities in the EMEA region”. The exhibition location is “the Municipal Cultural Center in Radomsko”.
Mario Peliti, an “art director”, Alessandro Imbriaco, a photographer and Laura Leonelli, a journalist visited “fourteen industrial sites” across seven countries and interviewed more than hundred employees to gather the stories shared by people who “every day contribute to their own personal and professional growth and to Whirlpool’s success”.
The board’s president at “Whirlpool Company Polska Sp. z o.o.”, Fabio Pommella explained:
“The opening of the exhibition in Poland first in Radomsko is not a coincidence. The project emphasizes the essence of our 10-year activity in Radomsko, which is a symbiosis of the development of the company and the local community. The series of photos presented as part of the #PlacesThatMatter project allows you to look at the reality through the eyes of Whirlpool employees. It is not only factories and production lines, but above all, people who create the winning working environment in our company. Some employees have been with us from the very beginning when Radomsko industrial zone was created and we are very proud of them.”
While, the corporate communication’s senior manager for East Europe, Zygmunt Łopalewski stated:
“We decided to present our project in all the cities in Poland where we operate because we believe that there is no economic success without the commitment with the local society. We wanted to show our engagement, sensitiveness and empathy for our neighborhood in the country which is one of the most important for our business in EMEA region.”
The first presentation of the project was made at the “International Journalism Festival” which took place a few months ago in “Perugia and Eurocucina in Milan”. The project’s idea stemmed as an original “travelling exhibition” which would cover the “territories part of the initiative” which gave an added opportunity to get in touch with the “stakeholders and local communities”.
The Whirlpool EMEA Headquarters is located in Milan, wherein the “itinerary exhibition” kicked off during the “last edition of the Milan Photo Week” which took place from June 4, to June 10. Moreover, the storytelling initiative this project is aligned with “the sustainable development and social commitment model”, while Whirlpool has always supported the same model in everywhere it operates. And the company informed that:
“This model is based on the importance of establishing an open dialogue and a network of relationships with local communities and institutions inspired by the principles of transparency and reciprocity”.