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Pillar Income Asset Management Donates To Preserve Quality Performing Arts


Dallas Summer Musicals receives a financial support from Pillar Income Asset Management.

Dailycsr.com – 26 April 2016 – The “real estate advisory and management company”, Pillar Income Asset Management, based out of Dallas continues its tradition by contributing to the “Dallas Summer Musicals’ Curtain Call event”. The President as well as the Chief Executive Officer at Pillar Income Asset Management, Daniel J. Moos, stated:
“This year, we are donating to Dallas Summer Musicals’ Cirque du Musicale event. We’re excited to contribute to Dallas Summer Musicals’ efforts to keep education and community programs available to all who show an interest in the arts.”
The Dallas Summer Musicals has been into the tradition of “bringing the Best of Broadway to Dallas” for the last seventy six years, which comes along with an “array” of children education as well as “community outreach” programmes, which have been created to push the mental limits in children and to “develop future local theatrical professionals”. Moreover, these programmes reach out to “less fortunate and underserved children” and also to those that take in a passionate interest in performing arts.
The charitable donations made towards Curtain Call go to sustain its “monumental efforts” for organising the programmes which ensures a continuation of extraordinary musical theatre shows on the DSM stage at the Music Hall at Fair Park”. In a written statement, the director fot development at DSM, James Jenner, commented:
“On behalf of Dallas Summer Musicals’ Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and staff I want to express our deepest thanks to you for your generous support of Curtain Call Cirque du Musicale”.