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Phenomenex and the American Red Cross raises $19,450 through a Soccer Charity match


So as help promote the mountain of works carried out by the American Red Cross, Phenomenex Inc and the American Red Cross held a soccer charity match which was not only great fun to watch but had the audience participate in it as well.

Phenomenex Inc, a world leader in R&D in the advanced field of separation sciences, challenged the American Red Cross to a rematch of a soccer game. This will be played at Torrance, California, during their second annual Soccer Charity Cup in the Zamperini Stadium. Phenomenex has pledged to donate $1,000 per goal scored, irrespective of which team scores the goal.
The event started with a pre-game speech, which was quickly over and Pat Furey, Torrance’s Mayor, came down to the field for a kick-off, after the toss of the coin. If memory serves you right, Phenomenex’s “Phenoms” were defeated last year by the American Red Cross Team and they vowed to come back triumphant this year. Although the match was on friendly terms, both teams were very spirited.
The American Red Cross LA region team is headed none other than CEO Jarrett Barrios. To make matters more interesting, half time the presence of Barrios and Phenomenex’s CEO and American Red Cross Board Member Fasha Mahjoor on the field. They became goal keepers while members from the audience were invited to give penalty kicks. This naturally resulted to more goals and thus more donations.
After a fun match, Phenomenex was triumphant. It won the match by 5-1.
“Spectacular sportsmanship and encouragement from our fans led to a brilliant win for our Phenoms,” said Mahjoor. “However, the true champions are the American Red Cross and the ultimate beneficiaries — the lives they are helping to save every day.”
At the end of the match, Phenomenex presented a $10,000 check to the American Red Cross. In a wonderful show of camaraderie and support ten other American Red Cross Board Members also stepped in and donated an additional amount of $9,450.
The sum total of $19,450 will be readily utilized for disaster relief and preparedness programs. Both, the American Red Cross and Phenomenex expressed their spirited support along with their gratefulness for being able to participate and help in such programs.
“All of us at the Red Cross are so delighted with Phenomenex and their creative, out-of-the box fundraising activities that are held many times throughout the year – their incredible support over the last quarter century has truly been an inspiration to us all,” said Barrios.
About the American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is a Non-Profit-Organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the U.S public so that it can perform its mission.

The American Red Cross feeds, provides physical shelters as well as emotional support to victims of disasters. It supplies 40% of the nation blood, it provide international humanitarian aid, it teaches precious life-saving skills to its members and supports members of the armed forces along with their families.

About Phenomenex
Phenomenex is a global technological leader in research and development activities. It specializes in developing chemical solutions for challenges faced by academic laboratories, in industries, in clinics, and government institutions. It tries to solve these challenges through analytical chemistry. Starting from disease diagnosis to pharmaceutical development, environmental analysis and food safety -  Phenomenex chromatography solutions have helped accelerate science as well as help researchers improve global health and well-being.