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Pfizer’s ACMF Wins The ‘2020 Facility of the Year Award’


CRB has designed and engineered the ACMF allowing Pfizer to expand its clinical manufacturing.

Dailycsr.com – 30 April 2020 – One of “state-of-the-art facility” allowed Pfizer Inc. to make a significant expansion in its “clinical manufacturing” on a global scale besides speeding up the delivery of critical therapies to patients, whereby the said facility received the “2020 Facility of the Year Award for Facility Integration” which was awarded by the “International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering”.
On 8th of April, the announcement was made by the ISPE honouring the “Andover Clinical Manufacturing Facility”, in short the ACMF, of Pfizer. The said facility was designed as well as engineered by CRB, which was chosen by Pfizer for shaping the facility so that the latter could move its “BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences group” to the new ACMF located at Andover, Massachusetts.
With the expanding area Pfizer can better manage its “rising portfolio of GMP-compliant, clinical bulk drug substances”, as it will have a capacity for twenty one annual campaigns with three being “pivotal trial”. The ACMF design of CRB features “single-use bioreactors” as well as “disposable process technologies” while maintaining “traditional fixed stainless-steel equipment” which offers low-cost and flexible options for “clinical manufacturing”. While CRB’s press release further informed that:
“A set of five cell culture and microbial manufacturing suites are flexibly configured to accommodate Pfizer’s future process developments”.
Moreover, in the words of the Senior Project Manager at CRB, Jeff Matis:
“By creating new connections between Pfizer’s clinical manufacturing and commercial manufacturing capabilities, the ACMF marks a physical, operational, and intellectual integration that better informs the biologic process, bolsters quality and improves patient access to potentially life-changing treatments. We are proud to join Pfizer in this important work, and we congratulate them for the foresight and focus on facility integration that earned them this great honor.”