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Petcore Europe Conference Combines Recycling Solutions Within Its Agenda


Besides covering topics such as “sustainability, circular economy, innovation and globalisation”, Petcore also looks into various solutions of recycling.

Dailycsr.com – 05 Dailycsr.com – The Petcore Europe Conference of 2015 concentrated on four main issues: “sustainability, circular economy, innovation and globalisation”.
In the words of the executive director of Petcore Europe, Patrick Peuch:
"For everyone involved in the PET value chain it is essential to stay up to date on the latest developments regarding European legislation, trends, innovation and what is happening outside of Europe. That is why our event is very important for all actors in the PET value chain."
The conference dedicated its first session for sustainability issues whereby edging an outline of different EU projects” which included projects on “packed bottled water” named “EU Product Environmental Footprint” and “EU Polymark project” that will focus on the “first results of a novel identification technology for differentiating high value plastics in waste streams” among others.
Additionally, discussions were held on the subjects like “EU food contact plastics recycling regulation” along with recycling issues of PET thermoforms, which is becoming more and more “emerging problem”.
However, the second session of the conference looked into “circular economy” whereby focusing “on the eagerly-awaited European Circular Economy Package” and “Europe-wide PET collection and recycling rates in 2014” that bases itself on a survey that was conducted by Petcore Europe.
Outlining the “examples of new PET packaging and future trends”, the innovation session revealed the “use of PET in aerosols”. In fact, a new recycling endeavour of “heavy coloured post-consumer PET packaging” was also discussed in the conference.
Eventually, the session featuring “Globalisation” showed a “presentation on the PET situation in India, Russia and the US”. While on the concluding note, the Waste-Free Oceans gave a presentation on “the problem of marine litter” and a panel held a debate on the “effective communication on PET to the public and how industry can respond to public concerns and needs”.