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Perfecting Professional Skills At The CLP Power Academy


In the rapidly changing technology driven world, the professionals need to constantly adapt their skills and training.

Dailycsr.com – 30 December 2018 – The masters have been training the apprentices for century in their respective field, whereby the flow of knowledge was passed on to the next generation. CLP has embraced the same tradition and blended the same in a rapidly advancing technology era which caters to “a highly sophisticated customer marketplace”.
As a result, the apprentices need to learn to “combine mentorship with the best possible classroom training”. Keeping this concern in mind, last year, CLP introduced the “CLP Power Academy” that offers “vocational training for the general public”.
The said initiative aims at becoming “a world-class professional training institution” with high quality training programmes that help people to pursue a power industry oriented career. Additionally, the Power Academy stemmed from the “Training School” that taught the CLP apprentices for over fifty years and strives to provide “technical, safety and management training” to them. In the words of the Engineering Training and Development’s deputy director, Kwan Chung Ming stated:
“The Training School was our Shaolin Temple. Over the years, I have probably worked under the tutelage of 30 to 40 masters.
“We usually learned a certain skill at the Training School and would then practise it when we were on our duties. Our masters would correct our mistakes and show us how to improve.
“This is how we became very good at what we do. We perfected our craft through repeated learning and practice, and this contributes to the reliability and efficiency of our systems.”
The said programme has risen to equip the apprentices for “career planning and relationship management” which enables them to broaden their “prospects and help retention”. The alumni of the Power Academy are invited to mentor their present students through “counselling and advice” whereby helping the latter to “adapt to the new learning and working environment”.
Diana Leung is a current, CLP Power Academy student who has an initial experience of working on “textile printing and dyeing”. However, later on, she was disappointed and joined CLP for job safety. In her words:
“My friends wondered why I changed my career. I felt the textile work was rather dull. I wanted to learn new things and develop in different areas while I was young. I believe women have more room to develop in the power industry, whereas the textile industry has more limitations”.
While CM added:
 “Young people of different generations face different problems. In the past, I had to fight hard for opportunities.
“Nowadays, society has high expectations on young people in terms of learning. Our programmes not only focus on technology and practical skills, but also on building students’ confidence and helping them to climb the social ladder.”