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Pepsico’s ‘Commitments Go Deep’


Pepsico brings sustainable agriculture at the “Sustainable Brands 18 Conference” to shed light on value creation of brands while addressing water risk issue.

Dailycsr.com – 16 July 2018 – The Director of “Sustainable Agriculture at PepsiCo”, Margaret Henry recounts her experience at the “Sustainable Brands 18 Conference in Vancouver” as a panel of the “Building Brand Value While Mitigating Your Water Risk” discussion.
Water and its social impact is a personal subject for Henry as her birthplace is a dairy farm of Kentucky. Therefore, she also has firsthand knowledge of the diligent work of the farmers towards conserving resources and growing food which could be enjoyed by the society.
However, with Pepsico, she has maintained her focus on working with the farmers in order to find sustainable ways that benefit everyone associated with the food chain, right from the person who grows, makes till the one consumes the food, whether it is “Doritos to Naked Juice, Quaker Oats to Lays Potato Chips, and Pepsi to Tropicana”.
Moreover, here is a list of key points mentioned by Henry which she “enjoyed discussing with the great folks at Sustainable Brands”:
  • Our commitments go deep:  PepsiCo is going above and beyond the vast majority of “sustainability” commitments by not only working on our own operations, but also working hand in hand with the farmers who supply us to make progress together on issues that matter to communities worldwide
  • We are working on mitigating water risk not only in our own operations, but in our supply chain: We are committed to improving our water efficiency by 15% in our direct supply chains for all of our high water risk areas. That means working with farmers on how they make decisions, what equipment they use and what varieties they plant to ensure that we are working towards the long term health of watersheds and all of the communities that reside within them
  • We work hand in hand with farmers: Our work on water builds from our work on overall sustainability. For us this means meeting farmers where they are on the issues that matter most for the economics of their farm, while working with them on the positive and negative environmental implications of the farm, and the opportunities for social gains to their communities
According to Henry, Pepsico believes to be an “agricultural company” at heart and by bringing communities together its “products are consumed”. The company cherishes “this role”, while retaining its commitments to become a “part of the solution when challenges arise”. Furthermore, Henry added:
“For agricultural communities this can mean facing difficult realities from 100 year floods and droughts now happening every other year, to the rising average age of farmers, to increasing soil loss and water pollution. At PepsiCo, we fully realize that our future is tied to the future of our farmers and communities and we are working together to confront shared challenges head on and make tomorrow brighter and better”.